Pest Control: Motorhome without Pests

Pest Control: Motorhome without Pests

Mice and ants can wreak havoc on motorhomes. They can eat holes in the seats of camping chairs. Ants and other pests can damage upholstery and mattresses inside the motorhomes. They have no place in the mobile but they can always find their way to the rolling vacation home. Before traveling, it is advisable to ask experts like AG Pest Control to check the mobile home. This way, the chance of pest infestation will be minimized.

Where do the pests come from and invade motorhomes while traveling?

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Not only mice but ants can be a nuisance too. In addition to open doors and windows, ants gain access to the motorhome via trees and bushes that are in contact with the outer shell, for example. Wheels, supports and even the power cord are also access corridors for them. The use of the motorhome also plays a role: If the vehicle is permanently stationary, the risk of an infestation increases.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that ants can fit through tiny holes. Mice can squeeze through almost anywhere – a hole or a gap the diameter of a ballpoint pen is enough for that.

The gray water drainage nozzle is enough to allow a mouse to enter. Once the mice are in the motorhome, you notice their presence very quickly – unless the vehicle is uninhabited for a long time, for example in winter quarters. There are many clues, from scuffling and rustling to gnawed objects to mouse droppings and urine. The ants’ infestation can also hardly be overlooked in the living room.

Prevention tips against ants in the motorhome while traveling

With all toxic substances, however, it is important to keep an eye on so that children and pets do not come into contact.

It is best to protect yourself against pests’ infestation with preventive measures. This includes sealing holes and gaps where possible, for example with a close-meshed expanded aluminum mesh. Attention: The forced ventilation must not be closed airtight. Before the winter break, all groceries should be cleared out of the vehicle. While traveling,  the groceries have to be packed in solid containers made of glass or hard plastic.