Why holidays are so important to us

Why holidays are so important to us

In everyday life, it is often neglected: time for oneself and for loved ones. Even after work, further commitments prevent the use of leisure time effectively. But joint activities are especially important for a harmonious family life, because they weld together and strengthen the sense of belonging together. Shared memories combine and can be shared long after the holiday.

Not everyone uses the time to relax

In Germany, at least 24 days of leave are required by law per year. But not everyone really uses their holiday to relax. Often the free time is used to fulfill other obligations such as renovating, de-cluttering or doctor’s appointments. As many as a third of people occasionally admit to working on holiday.

Why is holidays so important?

Occupation, household and child-rearing: The many obligations can lead to stress and overwork in the long run. Therefore, a break is particularly important for both physical and mental well-being. When we are on holiday, the number of stress hormones in our body decreases and the extra portion of sun provides additional happiness hormones. This can reduce discomfort such as abdominal, back or headaches and we are generally more relaxed. The reduction of stress on holiday can even reduce the risk of heart attack and increase life expectancy.

In addition, travel is a training for us, because we get to know new cultures and countries. After the holiday, you have recovered and refueled, which makes you return to work more concentrated and relaxed.

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What should the “perfect” holiday look like?

Whether it’s a short trip or a two-week beach holiday, the type of holiday is not decisive. It is important that the holiday runs according to your own ideas. When it came to the question of whether short trips or long holidays have a better impact on well-being, science argues.

For long holidays, you are more likely to be able to really relax, as there is plenty of time to shut down between arrival and departure. During short trips, one has more anticipation for this, which generally has a positive effect on well-being. Because the very fact that a holiday is planned makes us happier and happier.

How can you keep the rest as long as possible?

After the holiday, there is a great danger of quickly falling back to everyday stress. It is important to regularly incorporate recovery times into everyday life. So to take a short time vacation every day. This can be, for example, a short walk, a relaxing bath or a break with a book on the couch. What is not decisive, but rather to take time for yourself on a regular basis.