Located in upstate New York, the Adirondack Mountain region off ers a wide range of accessible trails, recreational activities and lodging options. Known collectively as the Adirondacks, this area includes a patchwork of public and private lands dotted with backcountry trails, state parks, forest service lands, private homes, lodges and quaint villages. Although many area parks off er some accessible campsites and trails, the shining star for accessibility is John Dillion Park, where all the trails, campsites and recreational areas are accessible.


Located just 15 miles from Tupper Lake, this 200-acre accessible camping and recreation development is the result of a unique partnership between Paul Smith’s College and International Paper. Named for the former International Paper CEO and Paul Smith’s College alumnus, the park features nine Adirondack lean-tos, over three miles of hiking trails, a fishing pier, kayak and canoe docks, picnic areas and even a pontoon boat. And all of it is accessible. Best of all, it’s located approximately 1.5 miles off the main road, so it gives campers a real chance to get away from the maddening crowds. Composting toilets and potable water are available at each lean-to, and the welcome center has a fl ush toilet and a refrigerator for medication storage.


Additionally, solar-powered battery chargers can be wheeled to the lean-tos upon request. All of the lean-tos are either ramped or built at the appropriate wheelchair- transfer height, and they come equipped with a fold-down bed, a fireplace and a picnic table.