How To Travel With Jewelry Safely

How To Travel With Jewelry Safely

Jewelry on Christmas or summer vacation should not be missing. A Butterfly Necklace, for example, completes the look for the evening at the candlelight dinner on Christmas eve. In addition, jewelry is so beautifully light and small that it doesn’t really count when packing your suitcase. Here I have put together a few tips for you on how you can travel safely with jewelry and still enjoy your jewelry after your vacation. The tips mainly relate to particularly valuable jewelry – regardless of whether it is material or immaterial.

How To Travel With Jewelry Safely

1. Only take selected jewelry with you
Only pack the pieces of jewelry that you will actually wear and not 2 or 3 different chains that only go with one outfit. It is better to leave particularly valuable jewelry (regardless of whether it was very expensive or if it has a high intangible value for you) at home.

2. Photograph and list your jewelry
The holiday joy can be gone very quickly, should you lose a valuable piece of jewelry or should it possibly be stolen. In such a case it is useful to have a list of the most valuable items. The best thing to do is to write down a list at home and take a photo of it. Then you have it with you just in case and can show it to the police / your insurance company.

3. Use a jewelry roll
A small bag for jewelry is ideal for transport, as there are extra toiletry bags. They are softly padded, have their own compartments for earrings, rings, and necklaces, keep your jewelry tidy and unbreakable and fit in hand luggage. With such a bag there is no “chain-ball risk”. You can find such “jewelry rolls” in the baggage department of department stores or on the Internet.

4. Transport jewelry in hand luggage
Perhaps you have already experienced it yourself: you land in your dream travel destination, it is warm, you are looking forward to the sea and something delicious to eat. And a shower in the hotel. Just pick up the luggage quickly. You wait for your suitcase, more and more people happily disappear with their luggage, only your suitcase comes and does not come on the treadmill. You ask at the counter where your suitcase is and you get the message that it was forgotten to invite you to the stopover. You are promised to bring the suitcase to your hotel tomorrow. The relaxing shower and the delicious food will now not work because you first have to shop for some spare clothes. If you are unlucky, you will never see your suitcase again … The moral of the story: always pack valuable jewelry in your hand luggage or just carry it on your journey.

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5. Avoid sunbathing and swimming with your jewelry on
Sunlight can fade or break some gemstones, such as amethyst, citrine, cameos, amber, garnet, and ivory. Saltwater, sunscreen, and sweat can discolor metals or leave a dark film on your skin under the jewelry. The best way to protect your jewelry is to only wear it on day trips or in the evening.

6. Say discreetly
Especially in countries with a higher crime rate, you shouldn’t wear too much valuable jewelry visibly. But even in safe travel destinations, especially in tourist strongholds, pickpockets can be around. That doesn’t mean it’s best not to wear jewelry at all. I advise you to use it discreetly and not to flaunt it if you have very valuable pieces of jewelry with you.

7. Use the safe in the hotel
If you are staying in the hotel and you have a safe in the room – use it for the most valuable items. If you don’t have a safe – carry the jewelry with you. So you can be on the safe side.