Tips in Creating Travel Videos

Tips in Creating Travel Videos

Traveling is tough. But creating a fantastic travel video does not need to be. When you are on the street you overlook parties, weddings, and birthdays. birthdays. Additionally, seeing your bank accounts shrink with every plane ticket buy does not help much. Sure you can see exotic places, experience incredible folks, and blah blah blah. None of that matters for your buddies back home, since they were not there.

However, what’s the toughest aspect of travel is coming back and feeling lonely. Because with no outlet for sharing your trip adventure, the transition to”normal” life could be jarring. It is unavoidable. So, how can you talk about your newest exploits with no hacky sack falling from your mouth each time you speak about doing it? Straightforward. Do not talk about your trip. Show people how amazing it had been by creating a fantastic travel movie. It is also important to do something fun while sitting for a long drive such as watching. Click here to learn converting Youtube download video mp4.

The best part is that each one of the easy equipment you require will easily fit within your carry on traveling back. But some specialized movie nerd stuff.

  • Frame Rate: the Important First Step for Great Travel Videos
  • Frames Per Second and Frame Rate: Divide the 24 fps Rate Limit

Before you close this window, this isn’t likely to become a nerdy technical part. Frames per second is an easy tweak that you can make to your camera configurations. Heck, I will even show you how you can get it done on your iPhone. Just stick with me. It is essential, since if a photo is worth a thousand words, then a movie is worth such as millions, based upon your frame speed.

Doubling your frame speed – particularly for action shots and moving goals which comprises most of your trip footage and which makes your traveling movie simpler, more professional, and just plain easier to watch. Believe me, audiences detect high fps rates, even if they don’t understand just what’s so great about them.

The leap around 60 fps makes movie files bigger. Therefore, if you travel with no backup HD or in case your telephone is packed with programs, 60 fps may not be for you. You may toggle back and forth between fps levels however, frankly, as soon as you move 60fps you never return.

The ideal shot may involve speaking to your camera before a bunch of strangers. You may need to dance in the center of a grocery shop in a pith helmet. You may need to sit down at an awkward angle onto a traffic strip median for 30 mins to find the ideal time-lapse shot or awaken at 4 am to get into a temple roof in time to the sunrise. A fantastic traveling movie requires you to appear to be a fool. Embrace it!

That is what editing is for. That is when everything comes together. Forget about everybody and just how dumb you look, since if you follow along with everything you understand that you will need to find the shot, it will all be worthwhile when people eventually click “play”.