Portable Dishwasher For The RV Traveller

Portable Dishwasher For The RV Traveller

The RV traveler loves freedom, independence, and adventure. And while RV travelers are enjoying the adventure and sense of freedom, there are still downsides to RV living. Among the downsides are limited electricity and water but that doesn’t mean that you are limited to the necessities to live comfortably. Unless you are parked in an RV community that provides electricity and water for a minimal fee, you can enjoy all the luxuries of a stick-and-brick home.

In this post, let’s talk about the advantages of using a portable dishwasher for an RV traveler.

How to use a portable dishwasher

Portable dishwashers can be used in almost every home including those who travel constantly in their RV mobile homes. RV homes are small and compact but can definitely fit a portable washer. The portable dishwasher has something in common with the built-in dishwasher. It also has unique advantages such as a multifunctional countertop that can be used for food storage and cooking.

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Advantages of portable dishwasher

1. Can be used by almost any family

Some kitchens, especially older ones, cannot use the built-in dishwasher without modifying the cabinets and water pipes. In this situation, many homeowners have discovered that portable or countertop dishwashers can be connected to the sink to provide a practical and cost-effective solution.

2. More counter space

Even for a small 18-inch dishwasher, adding built-in components to a small kitchen can already reduce your limited cabinet space. But with portable dishwasher, it uses only a minimal space thus allowing you more room for other kitchen stuff. Use the top of your portable dishwasher to store food and ingredients, or to prepare food.

3. Efficient cleaning

For small homes, the cleaning effectiveness of a portable dishwasher can be higher than the built-in dishwasher. Because of this, he remembered a couple who liked portable products.

Disadvantages of portable dishwashers include fewer models to choose from, more vulnerable to breakage and produces more noise than built-in dishwashers.


RV travelers can benefit well from portable dishwashers especially those who really don’t like washing the dishes by hand. Although there are limitations to the use of portable dishwashers, it can serve it’s purpose effectively and adjust well with RV living.