On Travel And Location – Be Careful When You Geotag

On Travel And Location – Be Careful When You Geotag

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Travel content on Instagram and other social media channels seem to be very popular. Now, the geotagging feature on Instagram as well as on other social media channels has allowed users to let their audience know when and where they took that particular photo, whether you are at a popular tourist destination, at the park, a restaurant, or any other places you travel to.

Ensuring Your Safety When Travelling

Although it is nice to share to your audience your travels, there are a lot of dangers related to disclosing your location by geotagging or including a geographical information to your video or photo content. This will make it easier for people who have ill intentions to determine your precise location, your activities, as well as your private home.

To ensure you and your loved ones’ safety (as well preserve the environment), below are a few advices to aid in ensure your safety during your travels as well as when you geotag:

  • Think Hard and Well Before Geotagging. While some places appreciate travelers promoting their place for tourism, there are other sites that cannot manage or support thousands of tourists. Moreover, overtourism can destroy the beauty of that place as there are tourists who seem to not know how to be a responsible traveler and tourist.
  • Make Restrictions of who Could See your Location. Each of your follower or audience don’t need to know where you are, nor do you have to let them know where you’re at. Create a list of your closest family and friends, people who you are sure you could trust and set your privacy settings accordingly.
  • If you Do Want to Post, Always Check if You Are Giving Too Much Information. If you do want to share your travels but don’t want to disclose where you are exactly, check your photos to ensure there are no street names or signboards hinting your location.
  • Consider Disabling the Feature or Service that Shows your Location on Your Phone or Limit the Apps that Make use of the Feature. Letting people know where you are at all times may invite stalkers or intruders waiting for you to leave your home.