How to Make Friends When Travelling Solo?

How to Make Friends When Travelling Solo?

People can be introverts; they might not be good in making friends. So making friends while travelling solo may be hard for these types of people. When travelling alone you become more open to meeting new people. If you want to have human interaction, you have to make some friends. Travelling alone makes you more approachable.

Here are ways to make friends while travelling solo:

  • Be approachable. Smile and say hello to people you meet. When sitting alone and want to make friends, do not put on a headphone or an ear piece. This makes it look like that you do want to be alone. Look open, look in your surroundings.
  • When travelling alone, ask people questions.
  • When travelling alone, stay at hostels. Staying in dorms gives you the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. Hostels have common areas and lounges where you can meet people. Be sure, when you book a hostel, look at reviews online.
  • This is a service in which you can stay at someone’s home or apartment for free. You can search more online on how this works.
  • Participate in a walking tour or day tour. Sign up for one of this and you’ll surely meet new people and friends.
  • Take a risk and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Just go up to a crowd and ask if you can hang out.
  • Take buses and trains when travelling around.

Don’t be afraid of other people, they might also be a solo traveler just like you.