Doing Twitch Promotion Right during Live Streams

Doing Twitch Promotion Right during Live Streams

Live streaming can be a perfect way to effectively run Twitch promotion, especially when you are travelling and have your viewers see awesome sceneries. Besides, it can be a fun and rewarding experience too. This is the reason why it becomes valuable among serious gamers worldwide. Furthermore, it truly helps in building your online presence and expand your reach as well.

Running Promotions and Planning Your Travel Itineraries

Just before you go out on a trip of a lifetime and do Twitch promotion at the same time, it is best to move to bear in mind the following. By doing so, you’ll avoid making major mistakes in the future.

Tip: Decide how long you want your trip to be

You won’t be able to figure out the cost of your trip and whether you have the budget for everything until such time you’ve determined how long you’ll be away. For instance, will you be out for a few days, weeks, or months? As soon as you have answered these questions, that is when you can come up with a realistic budget that is in proportion to your activities.

Tip: Preparing your budget

Speaking of budget, you have to prepare something realistic ahead of time. This is going to influence the destination you are going to choose, the plane tickets and accommodations you will book and the number of places you’re going to visit. Probably, you don’t want to create a luxurious travel itinerary and find out afterward that you can’t afford it.

What about Your Game Streaming?

Now that you have ideas on what you should be doing at least before going on your journey, you need to be prepared with your streaming setup too of course.

Each piece of your equipment adds to the complexity of your setup. If in case one of these fails, then you are risking the success of the whole show. So, you should keep things simple as this will help in lowering the odds of any technical failure arising.

Always Prepare a Backup

Even with a simple setup, it’s inevitable that your equipment might fail. Some encoders are remarkably built but it is the minute parts that are tying it together like monitors and cables that could pose failure. Therefore, it will be wise to have backups for these items so they will not interrupt your live streaming.