Travelling with Dry Herb Vaporiser

Travelling with Dry Herb Vaporiser

Aside from being wonderful, travelling is educational as well. However, there are some things to consider when you travel especially on air. There are regulations to follow and it gives doubts sometimes.

One of the travelling concerns nowadays is taking dry herb vaporisers on plane. While, travelling with it is considered legal as long as you are carrying dry herb and not illegal substances, there are some questions that come into the traveller’s mind. Here, we will discuss some travel guides while having the dry herb vaporiser with you and what traveler’s need to know now

Things You Need Know When Taking Dry Herb Vaporisers into Airports

Generally, there are strict airport rules when it comes to smoking laws. Many airports, both international and local, do not allow smoking or vaping in public places. This includes the e-liquids, tobacco cigarettes, dry herb vaporisers, pipes, and bongs. Yet, there are lots of countries that have designated smoking areas where smoking or vaping travellers can have few hits while at the airport.

However, the question is that is this smoking or vaping rules also applie for dry herb vaporiser? Definitely, it’s not. Cannabis is a dry herb that is categorized as a drug under the 1st class in major countries.

Hitting a shot of dry herb of Cannabis in the airport may be troublesome.

Things to Consider in Taking Dry Herb Vaporiser before Travelling

Since Cannabis is a dry herb, below are some important details that you must take into account before you travel via air.

Ways to pack dry herb vaporiser for airplane travel

Taking dry herb with you is a no-no via the TSA guideline. So, the best option to have it when you travel is to pack it inside the baggage. Here are the steps on how you can pack it properly inside your suitcase.

  1. Clean the vaporiser.
  2. Charge the battery of the vaporiser.
  3. Turn off the vaporiser and take the part separately.
  4. Pack it back onto the original packaging, if it is still available. If not, pack the battery and other parts into double bags.

Helpful tips when travelling with dry herb vaporiser

  1. Do not take dry herb of cannabis or any form of it when you travel because it is illegal based on federal law.
  2. Read about the specific laws of the countries you are going about the vaping and dry herb vaporiser regulations.
  3. Always repeat this process every time you travel via airplane.