Transport Grill Safely During Travel

Transport Grill Safely During Travel

Are you planning to travel and bring the grill with you? You should not only think about safety when grilling but already when transporting it.

To avoid barbecue accidents, safety should always come first. This applies in particular to the handling of grill with WiFi. There are a few things you should pay attention to when transporting it. Grills can be dangerous goods and improper transport can damage them.

Ventilate properly while driving

It won’t be long before the grill is ready for grilling. To be on the safe side, you should ventilate the car thoroughly while driving. Open the windows and switch on the ventilation so that fresh air is constantly fed into the car from outside.

Make sure that the grill has no slack. Move the seat all the way back and cushion it with a blanket if necessary. When you get home, immediately unload it from the car and store it outside.

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Always important: Safe location when grilling on a road trip

The most important rule is to never leave the grill unattended. Especially if there are children or pets around. In addition, the location is crucial. The floor should be level and firm. A lawn is then just as suitable as the concrete slabs of a terrace. There are even special grill protection mats that you can put underneath.

In addition, the grill should stand as free as possible, without easily flammable materials nearby. These include hedges, and bushes, but also parasols or lanterns hanging over them. A safety distance of three or four meters is recommended and the location should also be sheltered from the wind.

Important for the gas grill: Check after the winter break

For passionate grillers, the season is all year round, but the grill is usually taken out of the cellar or garage in early summer. A check is absolutely necessary before you start your travel. It is important whether all the connections and hoses are still tight.

As a rule of thumb. The hose and pressure regulator should be completely replaced after five years at the latest because the material becomes somewhat brittle over time.

Grilling during road travel can make your adventure even more exciting. You will enjoy not only delicious but healthy food. However, you need to take safety measures in order to avoid unpleasant incidents.