Pros and cons of cars when traveling with family

Pros and cons of cars when traveling with family

Parents want to relax on vacation and not sit behind the wheel for hours. When the baby yells in the back seat or the siblings quarrel endlessly over toys, many sighs: Wouldn’t the train or plane have been better?

Traveling by your own car – flexible but exhausting

Traveling in your own car has undeniable advantages, especially for young families and those with several children: travel and break times can be managed flexibly, and you are independent of public transport or expensive rental cars at your holiday destination. If one of the children gets sick or if the weather is bad, you can switch to plan B or go home entirely. The car is also ideal for those who don’t pack things up and station wagon drivers: there is no luggage limit and you can stuff as much in the trunk as you can fit in. And if you are planning to buy vacuum mixer machine during your travel, driving your own car will surely be useful.

The safety aspect is finally not to be despised: the child seat and strapped travelers are in good hands – in the case of an accident definitely better than without any assurance in the train or by Loop Belt on the plane.

Most children love driving: their toys are always at hand in the back seat, music and radio can be listened to as loud as you want and you don’t have to be considerate of other passengers. This also relaxes the parents immensely, who otherwise have to constantly warn, calm down, and be afraid of triggering a new discussion on hostility towards children.

Arguments against driving a car

Some children get sick while driving. There is a lot that can be done about travel sickness, but sometimes a train ride is the better alternative.

You can get to your destination much faster by plane! Really? If you add up the time you spend in the waiting hall of the airport or at the train station, the journey by car does not necessarily have to be longer, depending on the destination.

Cars generally do badly in the environmental balance sheet. For a family of four with a modern car and a fuel-efficient driving style, it can even make more ecological sense to travel by car.